Resume: Bikram Dhoju

Senior DevOps Engineer CREA Pvt Ltd, Bangkok, Thailand [email protected]


I am a tech savvy person with immense intrest in linux system and network. I have over 3 year experience in the software industry and horned my skill predominently in server provisioning, security and software development.

A team player with strong interpersonal skills and possess a flexible and detail oriented attitude. An efficient key player in challenging & creative environments with excellent capacity to adapt to new technologies and skills. I have a clear, logical mind with a practical approach to problem solving and a drive to see things through to completion.

Professional Skills

  1. Orchestration: Kubernetes(Helm,Kustomize, linkerd, CRDs), Docker
  2. IaaC: Terraform and AnsibleCloud: GCP(GKE, Workload identity, Cloud Run, Cloud Functions,Endpoints, IAM, CloudSQL, CloudDNS, CDN, BigQuery,DialogueFlow,) and AWS (CloudFormation, VPC, IAM, EKS, Kops,ECS), AZURE
  3. Configuration Mgmt: Ansible and Puppet
  4. Service Mesh: Linkerd and istio
  5. Ingress Controllers and API gateway: Nginx & Kong
  6. CI: Gitlab CI, Github Actions & Jenkins
  7. CD: FluxCD and GitlabAuto DevOps
  8. Canary Deployment: Flagger
  9. Logging & Monitoring: Grafana, Prometheus (Thanos) and ELK Stack,APM
  10. App Deployment: Fastlane
  11. Scripting: BASH/Go/Python
  12. Messaging: Kafka/RabbitMQ/PubSub messaging
  13. Programming: Go, Python (Django & Flask) (NB: Familiar)

work experience

Site Reliability Engineer Sertis Co.,Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand (2020 May - present )

  • Run the production environment by monitoring availability andtaking a holistic view of system health
  • Developing CI/CD roadmap for high-frequency continuousdeployment.
  • Work closely with AI/MLE Engineers and Data Scientists inarchitecting highly available systems.
  • Create REST API to ease deveopers to interact with infrastructure
  • Architecting microservices from the monolith to a highly scalablesystem.
  • Co-ordinate with the SRE team to build and improve platformreliability through tooling and process improvements, bringingdevelopment skills and cultural knowledge to the SRE mindset.
  • Implementation of GitOps (Flux and Flagger)for loose couplingof the system components and highly reliable deployments.
  • Implemented resilient and centralized, monitoring and loggingsystem with ELKstack for high observability.
  • Create horizontally scalable services with integration of custommetrics.
  • Provide primary operational support and engineering for multiplelarge distributed software applications.
  • Be the primary liaison in escalating performance issues internallyand externally with 3rd party providers.

Site Reliability Engineer The Make It, Bangkok, Thailand (2019 Oct - 2020 March)

  • Developing CI/CD roadmap for high-frequency continuousdeployment.
  • Play a significant role in establishing an operational process for afast-growing distributed cloud platform.
  • Develop auto-scaling and zero-downtime pipeline
  • Improve the delivery of the software system with automated CI/CD pipeline in multi-cloud environmentExtreme use of the Kubernetes CRDs in automating andmonitoring infrastructure.
  • HA messaging Kafka cluster for inter-service communication.Seemless Anthos google provisioning for on-premise Kubernetescluster integration with Google Kubernetes Engine cluster.
  • Implement native cloud architecture.Implement automated tools as Fastlane to automate the buildand delivery of the mobile app development.
  • Implement infrastructure as a code(IaaS) with Terraform and Ansible for highly automated support.
  • Implement granular monitoring of the user activities usingPrometheus for pertinent business decisions.

Sr. Network and System Engineer / Tech Lead Open Learning Exchange, Nepal | June 2015 - Present

  • Building IT solutions, translate technical requirements, assist with all stages of test data and perform script maintenance and updates of office servers.
  • Lead strategic as well as tactical efforts to architect, implement, monitor, and improve 24/7 network operations of servers.
  • Reseach to integrate new technology to education on the basis of predefined constraints.
  • Develop customized Linux routers and file servers.
  • Closely work with the partner organization which includes OLE Intl and OLE Ghana to collaborate edtech projects
  • Contribute the team in updating and upgrading the NEXS (customized OS for offline E-Library deployments)
  • Assist in integrating and releasing content for E-Library for online and offline deployments.
  • Train teachers on the use and maintenance of E-Pustakalaya server.
  • Support schools to maximize the use of digital resources in E-Library

System Engineer F1Soft International| Dec 2014-June 2015

  • Managing and monitoring all installed systems and infrastructure
  • Installing, configuring, testing and maintaining operating systems, application software and system management tools
  • Walk clients through the products.
  • To recommend system and bring positive change to existing infrastructure.
  • Ensuring the highest levels of systems and infrastructure availability


Bachelor in Electronics and Communication Engineering Pulchowk Campus,IOE, TU | 2010 - 2014 Elective: Networking with IPv6 and Remote Sensing

INTERMIDIATE PCM Major Kathmandu Don Bosco College, Nepal | 2009-2010 Physics,Chemistry and Maths

School Leaving Certificate (SLC) Tarapunja Education Academy,Pokhara,Nepal